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What is Terrorism? A Muslim Perspective

Posted in Politics, Society by muslimwire on October 20, 2009

1. Fundamentalism as explained by Webster Dictionary has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. It has to do with Christianity.

2. Holy War and the idea of the infidels are terminologies that have to do with the Christian crusaders.

3. Croissant pastry has to do with the crusaders who made and sold them to raise money to kill the infidels (who happened to be Muslims of the Middle East at that time)

4. The inquisition has to do with the Spaniards in Andalus who killed all the Muslims, and destroyed every type of Muslim culture and other civilisation.

5. Jihad is NOT Holy War, but to excel and to do the best to achieve the best.

6. The Holocaust has nothing to do with Islam, Muslims or Arabs. It has to do with Hitler, and the Jews.

7. The massacre of Sabra and Shatila in Beirut was not done by Muslims, but by Christians of Lebanon, protected and supported by the Israelis.

8. The genocide of Bosnian Muslims is committed by the Serbs (Greek Orthodox), and the Croats (Catholics). The Bosnian Muslims were denied the means to defend thousands, while non-Muslims were given arms to kill Muslims.

9. The fight between the Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland is not the work of Muslims.

10. The demolishing of the Babri Mosque in India, the continuous rioting and the killing of Muslims by the militant Hindus has nothing to do with Muslim fundamentalists, but with fundamentalists of the Hindus themselves.

11. The 40 million salves who were brought from Africa to Europe, North and South America were not brought by Muslims, but by the Catholics, Protestants, and Jews of the West.

12. The fight between Iraq and Kuwait has nothing to dow with Islam; it was done for political and economic reasons by a dictator, and monarch; and orchestrated by the superpowers.

13. The deportation of the 418 Palestinian educators by the Israeli government to South Lebanon is against the concept of freedom of speech and/or religion. Israel refused to abide by the decision of the UN Security Council as well as of the USA.

14. The violence that was conducted by some factions of the PLO in different parts of the world has no justification.

15. The incident of the World Trade Centre is a crime and whoever had done it is to be blamed, and penalised accordingly. Islam [does not encourage such horrid acts] and Muslims in general have nothing to do with it.

16. The Ku Klux Klan is a white militant Christian fundamentalist group. They still exist in the USA, and are not banned. They are not accused as white militant Christian fundamentalists.

17. David Koresh, the leader of the Davidian sect proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ. No one accused Christians or Christianity as a source of inspiring him to be fundamentalist.

18. The invasion of Panama by the US Government and putting President Noriega in jail is not considered state terrorism or a state of fundamentalism. It was considered liberation of that country and offering the people the so called America democracy.

19. The invasion of Genada by the U.S. Government, and the shackling of its president as a slave is considered a liberation movement, but not a state of terrorism.

20. The attack of Libya by American weapons during the Reagan administration was not considered terrorism or fundamentalism, but part of the New World Order scheme.

21. The attack on the nuclear reactor in Baghdad by Israelis was considered a heroic achievement of the government of Israel, but not terrorism and fundamentalism.

From your brother in Islam,

Bilal Racheha – Sydney Australia

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