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Posted in Politics, Society by muslimwire on October 22, 2009

by Jonathan Harris

Hi, I’m new to this kind of thing in many ways. Maybe someone can help clarify things or suggest to me whether this is a site relevant to my concerns or not. I’ll state firstly that I’m mostly concerned with topics which might be considered to be extreme or controversial. This is because these are issues that resonate with me ideologically and aesthetically and simply keep my interest. I do not wish to provoke, shock or upset so I’ll try and desist before straying down those lines. I found this site while searching for information on Jewish ethnicity, in particular its relationship to intelligence and I found a very informative blog entry that I enjoyed reading. However, upon further investigation through the contents of this site it appears this is not a common thread of discussion. Even so, I’d like to know what people think.

My own personal situation, not that anyone should necessarily care, is that I’m a person of predominantly Jewish descent living in England. Though I regularly visited family in Israel when I was young, I’ve never been situated amongst many Jewish people, certainly never been involved directly with the religious side of things, couldn’t even tell you what all the holidays are called. In fact, I was brought up Hare Krishna, especially in early childhood. Through my teen years I had a very strained relationship with my parents and grew to hate them and everything they stood for. I rebelled against everything, including, to a certain extent, my own ethnic background, in a bid to strike a chord with the outside world, which I viewed as being infinitely more agreeable than the one conferred to me up until that point. I donned a skinhead-styled haircut and was not averse to trading racist rhetoric with my  gentile buddies.

Time moves on and I’m now a young adult with my own child, yet I still harbour the same ambivalent feelings, which, if anything, have matured and been reinforced through much reading material over the years. One of my primary concerns is what I perceive to be the degeneration of Western society, the dumbing down of popular culture and the populace therein. What I see as the co-conspirators in this downfall are:

(a)  The ideology of equality – We must make sure everyone understands everything and is able to achieve anything they want to!

(b) The infusion and proliferation of non-compatible foreign cultures, namely black-African and Muslim.

But what can I do? I cant very well vote for the British National Party. I could be putting a feather in the cap of a future Hitler. Besides, they believe in good Christian values, something I obviously couldn’t adhere to even if I wanted to. Then I come to the crux of my confusion. Some of these racist ideologues obviously lumber Jews in with blacks and Muslims. But why would anyone hate Jews? Obviously a poignant question as they have done for time immemmorial. Jews are intelligent, productive members of society who’ve made countless contributions to the arts, sciences and everything in-between. so does it come down to simple jealousy. Is anything ever that simple?

I’m going to return to personal matters and discuss a problem I’ve had for a while now. About three years ago I had a breakdown, physically, mentally, spiritually. I completely lost it and I havent been the same since. I developed extreme difficulties with spatial awareness, muscle tensions, lethargy & inertia, I could go on. These coincided with symptoms of mental illness and anxiety. I now have to live my life with this reality, to a lesser degree, every day. Now, this might well be an effort to deflect the blame or shirk responsibility, but I wonder, could this be something to do with my racial characteristics? Is there a genetic price to pay for intelligence? A nice analogy would be Woody Allen and his hypochondria. A darker and scarier thought would be that there may be some truth in racist rhetoric that Jews are physically feeble, or club-footed. I dont know. I’m not trying to explain affirmatively either way. I just want to know what other people think.

I’m not a bad or nasty person. Troubled and unsure, maybe. But I see this as extending a friendly hand to my fellow Jew to engage in conversation on an admittedly loaded subject matter. If this is the wrong place, just tell me so. But don’t react angrily, it won’t get you anywhere.


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