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Odds and endz and absurdities

Posted in Politics, Society by muslimwire on October 26, 2009

On a serious note: As a longtime resident of Foster City, following the local political scene, I have had a number of Foster City residents ask about whom I favor for the two open seats on the City Council.

Normally, I don’t endorse but observing the success and talents of this current council in contrast to so many bitter and divisive councils of the past:

I would suggest re-electing Pam Frisella, who has had an excellent and productive four years on the council and electing Charlie Bronitsky, the most recent chairman of the Foster City Planning Commission.

Bronitsky is a graduate of the Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, and a real estate lawyer. With four years on the Planning Commission, he is uniquely prepared to, immediately, know and understand the problems currently facing Foster City.

His has been a life of community service since arriving in Foster City and I am unable to imagine that it will not continue in an even more expanded form as a member of the City Council and, at the same time, preserve the congeniality, mutual respect and effectiveness that has become the hallmark of current council during the past two terms.

Now for the fun.

The trauma

of a ‘great American’

As much as I had promised myself never to write about him again, forgive me. I am also a sucker for political humor:

After Rush Limbaugh’s dumping from the bid for the St. Louis Rams, I can’t resist this juicy quote from nationally famous columnist Eugene Robinson:

“Striking his patented tone of arrogant, bombastic victimhood, Limbaugh sought to portray his ownership bid as an urgent matter of great historical importance to the nation:

“This is not about the National Football League,” says he. “It’s not about the St. Louis Rams; it’s not about me. This is about the ongoing effort by the Left in this country, wherever you find them, in the media, the Democratic Party, or wherever, “TO DESTROY CONSERVATISM!” (My capitalization) “Therefore, it is about the ‘future of the United States!’ and what kind of a country we are going to have.”

Wow! Move over George Washington! Move over Abraham Lincoln and all you other lesser important American historical figures! And, call out Paul Revere, again! “One, if by land! Two if by sea! The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!” and Rush Limbaugh’s stature as the greatest of all Americans in history is being threatened when, actually, it was only his big mouth, not politics, that got him kicked off of the football team!

Sorry! I just couldn’t resist that!

Who does that Keith Kreitman think he is?

That question was impolitely asked by a reader angry with me. Not that I blame or disagree with him, but I guess it would be fair for readers to know something about who I am and where I stand.

I’m a stooped and broken 84-year-old shell of a man, who has seen his glory days, but clings to the delusion that he still has some importance and a role to play in this world.

To tell you what my political position is, today, would kill my mother if she were still alive. Apparently, I have become a liberal Republican. That’s based upon my volunteering to get Republican Tom Campbell elected governor of the state of California. So, go to the Web site: and that is my current political and economic thought. But, if you don’t tell anyone, I won’t either.

From the quotations

of chairman Ronald

I am really confused Gipper! All these years your quotations have taught us “government is the problem!” Right? And, that “laissez faire business is the solution.” Right? Then why is it, now, in the “Great Recession of 2008,” “laissez faire” business has been the problem and the accursed government has become the solution? It’s a puzzlement, “Oh, Great Helmsman of Conservatism!”

Hail to the ‘birthers!’

The deniers that Barack Obama was born on American soil have been peppering me with all sorts of facts to prove their case. But the one thing that still puzzles me is how that scheming commie, fascist, socialist Muslim was able to get the reports of his birth on to the middle of strips of microfilmed announcements of births from the two major newspapers in Honolulu, that are filed in every library in the state of Hawaii, that keeps the world from knowing he was actually born in Kenya, ‘cause his aged, senile, step-grandmother says its so? Such sorcery is proof, again, that he is an agent of the devil!

Kreitman is from Mars

Several readers who know about my disdain of the “Cheney/Bush” wars have asked why I haven’t written about them for years?

Because, like writing about the Vietnam War, it’s an exercise in futility. We will lose X number of dead, wounded, crippled and mentally destroyed of our boys, girls, men, women and national wealth before the nation, in disgust, will demand we withdraw, leaving the multimillions and billions in the Muslim world to pick up, again, the same mutual destruction they had been practicing for thousands of years before we got there.

On a personal level, as a combat veteran, it hurts me a lot to see my younger comrades suffering and dying from the same stupidities that drove us into the midst of the billions of Asia, developing the history of their own continent.

Me and ‘The Bomb’

One of the ranking absurdity of our times is the agonizing over Iran getting “The Bomb.” What’re they going to do with it? They are surrounded by nuclear nations, China, India and Pakistan on the east, Russia on the north, Israel on the west and U.S. nuclear submarines to the south in the Persian Gulf.

Use it against Israel? An absolute absurdity! Look at a map: Israel is such a tiny elongated strip of land that it would be impossible to build one small enough not to wipe out whole sections of Muslim brethren in The Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and, if big enough, possibly reach Cairo and Turkey. And they are not stupid enough not to realize that Israel already has a battery of nuclear weapons in silos underground already zeroed in on key targets in their own territory.

Launch against the United States? How would they get a big enough one here? They have no intercontinental missiles or major bombers and if they did, they would have to realize that one of our most important allies, Israel, is right there on their doorstep, to retaliate for us (But they do have a mess of “magic flying carpets.” Maybe that would work!).

More likely, is the realistic assessment by the experts that it is being looked upon by Iran as a “defensive weapon,” like “OK! Guys! We got the bomb too. So don’t mess with us.”

Contrary to the Cheney/ Bush/ Rove and other homegrown paranoids, I don’t believe too many of the 1.45 billion Muslims subscribe to the religious doctrine of “die in the service of God and go straight to Heaven to collect the 57 virgins waiting there for you.”

The ultimate absurdity was in accepting the Cheney/Bush/Rove boys mongering of fear that there was a “Great Jihad” ready to launch an attack on Western Civilization, when all they have are Kalashnikov rifles and improvised explosive devices.

And the “home grown,” “would-be” terrorists in western countries are a bunch of bunglers who believed they could have mixed powerful explosives in the toilets of airplanes or can blow up the Los Angeles International Airport with an explosive hidden in the heel of a shoe.

That gets me mad, because I’ve lost to security at the airports, two bottles of mouthwash, my favorite Boy Scout knife and a two-inch toenail clipper, not sharp enough, even, to do the job, but declared a dangerous weapon by the federal government.

Damn you, bin Laden! You’re messing with the wrong guy! I’m from Chicago!

Keith Kreitman has been a Foster City resident for 24 years. He is retired with degrees in political science and journalism and advanced studies in law. He is the host of “Focus on the Arts” on Peninsula TV, Channel 26. His column appears in the weekend edition.


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